Inside leg length: 80-95 cm (adjustable)


Frame size:  53 cm



Boarding height:   28 cm (adjustable)


Bicycle Weight :  +/- 29 kg


Max. length:  180 cm


Max. width:  75 cm


Wheel size front:  22"


Wheel size back:  24"


Brakes:  Adjustable


Standard colour: Ocean green/ silver


Max. User weight:  120 kg

The Maxi is stable and agile and runs smooth. Accessible entry and fits through a normal door.


It features environmentally friendly paint and is equipped with the following standard features a Parking brake, Quick release saddle, Steering limiter, Safety lock, Lighting, Adjustable stem and a five year guarantee on the frame.

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The trendy Maxi is designed for stability and hence creates a feeling of security while cycling. You can easily mount and ride with this smooth-running tricycle. Obviously the Maxi is available with various options, such as a walking stick holder, a shopping basket, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist.

Van Raam Maxi Tricycle UK

Trike for Adults

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Prices from £2,496

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