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Side by side bike


A variation of the Twin bike split, but this one comes with a disengagement system. The cyclist in control can flick a switch that allows their companion to either cycle with fixed gear, or free wheel, or, in the case of safety, go into neutral - very useful at road junctions etc.


Key feature rigid frame variation of the Twinbike Split Cycle offering a wider width on the front wheels adding more stability.


UK Specification: (standard 7 speed , metallic Red/Blue or Black)




• Wheels: 20″ aluminium rims.

• Handlebars adjustable in height and length.

• Left bike: 7 gears Shimano, 2 handbrakes.

• Parking brake.

• Right bike: 7 gears Shimano with freewheel.

• Colour: metallic red.

• Length: 155 cm.

• Wheel width: 100 cm.

• Handlebar Width: 115 cm.

• Weight: ± 40 kg.

• Instep height: 40 cm.

• Saddle height from pedal axis: 55 tot 80 cm.

• Adjustable for leg length from 65 to 90 cm (senior).



Prices from £3,595


Prices include free shipping, personal delivery, set-up and instruction.

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