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Inside leg length: 63 - 80 cm


Frame size: 40 cm


Step up height: 28 cm


Bicycle weight: +/- 27 kg


Max. length: 168 cm


Max. width: 75 cm


Wheel size front:  20"


Wheel size back: 22"


Brakes: drum, disc,

               coaster brake,



Colour: Matte blue / silver

Three Wheel Trike


Prices from £2,368

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Special needs cycling - midi cycle - midi tricycle - midi cycle - special needs bike - special needs tricycle

Van Raam's midi tricycle is a trendy, modern designed tricycle for our young users or shorter adults who are having difficulties with stability.

It's a smooth running tricycle with a solid finish. Combined with the beautiful design this results in an excellent tricycle.


For the Midi tricycles there are several options available, such as an electrical engine for power assistance.


UK Specification: (Includes 8 speed gear in Matte Blue/silver)

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Van Raam Midi Trike UK

Tricycle for children or adults

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